Cafeteria Notes and Tips

Hi my name is Meredith Hilt and I am the cook for Shubie Elementary. I would like to streamline things to keep the hot lunch program efficient and safe! Here are some things to keep in mind for the coming year.

Students will be able to visit the canteen at recess and lunch. Prices are available on the menu. Canteen cards ($20) are available. When filling in lunch orders, Names and Class are VERY important. 

Due to rising costs, there have been some changes to prices this year.These are on the menu.  

To order a month at a time, circle the meals and drinks (M   A   O   CM)  desired and turn in the whole page.

The alternative lunch options may be written into the menu. All alternative lunch options above can be made into meals for the meal price. 

When ordering by the month, I would love to have orders by the Wednesday before the menu starts (to compile the orders and ensure quantity).Everyone who has their order to me by this date will have their name entered for a free snack. Winner will be drawn on the first day of the menu!

Lunches can also be ordered by wee or single day.  To order for the current day, the daily form must be filled in (NAME) and submitted to the kitchen no later than 10 am.Try to remind small children on the way out the door as the teacher does not search backpacks. I love when the kids are excited about getting hot lunch that day!


All  cheques should be payable to Cobequid School Catering

If you order on some days but not all, it is a great idea to copy the menu or take a digital picture. It makes it easier to check which days have been ordered and to see the options if other days might want to be added.